What is electrical common sense!

What is electrical common sense? As an apprentice avionics technician in the navy, you had many bosses and plenty of people trying to make you look bad. Mostly the other apprentices were trying to make themselves look good.

It’s easy to stand out for the wrong reasons, mainly because you have no idea how to do anything right. A typical apprentice would get on the job training with one or two other tradies and apprentices, we had an intake of 160, and I think the priority was learning how to march and iron your uniform.

We spent two and a half years in the training school, then another two years attached to the squadron still under training.

I heard all the usual stories and requests. “Get me the left-handed screwdriver”, “go and ask for an I.D.1.0.T”.

But occasionally, you come across some good advice. “It’s only a mistake if you walk away”, and “there are two types of electricians, one that makes mistakes one that lies about it”. Another one is “first you get good; then you get fast”.

We need to continue the practice of growing our businesses using apprentices. Creating an apprenticeship for school leavers can change the lives of families. Not just the extra money, they are learning to become adults, getting a small amount of responsibility, and learning to work in a team. It can help build self-esteem when they are proud of a job they have completed.

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